New Single #9 Artwork ‘Waiting For the Light’

Single number 9 from my ’12 Songs’ project is out this Friday 12 February. Here’s the artwork for ‘Waiting For The Light’. What do you think?

Original image by Matt Flores on Unsplash.

Sencillo numero 9 de mi proyecto ’12 Canciones’ sale este viernes el 12 de febrero. Aquí tienes la portada para ‘Waiting For The Light’ (Esperando La Luz). Qué te parece?


Astronautas – new video

The new Distance Of Hope single is ‘Astronautas’. It’s also the first song in Spanish of my ’12 Songs’ project where I’m releasing a new song and video at 12 on 12th of every month for 12 months. This is single number seis. Written in April 2020, I wanted to write an upbeat, positive and simple pop song as an antidote to the sad consequences of Covid-19 and the depressing state of the world at that time. A kind of manifesto to positivity! The English version is called ‘ I Want To Live In A World Of Love’. I asked my friends Carmen and Antonio for help with the Spanish lyric and loved the line ‘Somos astronautas mirando por la ventana’ (We are astronauts looking out of the window), hence the title of the Spanish version. ‘Astronautas’ is out 12 November 2020 on all streaming platforms. Watch the video below…

El nuevo sencillo por Distance Of Hope es ‘Astronautas’. Es también la primera canción en español de mi proyecto ’12 Canciones cuando lanzo una nueva canción y videoclip a las 12H del 12 de cada mes para 12 meses. Esto es sencillo numero seis. Escrito en abril 2020, quería escribir una canción optimista, positiva y sencilla come un antídoto a las consecuencias tristes de Covid-19 y el estado deprimente y agresivo del mundo en ese momento. iUn manifiesto a la positivismo, algo así! La version inglesa se llama ‘I Want To Live In A World Of Love’ (Quiero Vivir En Un Mundo De Amor). Pregunté a mis amigos Carmen y Antonio para ayuda con la letra española y me encantó la linea ‘Somos astronautas mirando por la ventana’, por tanto el título de la version española. ‘Astronautas’ sale el 12 de noviembre 2020 en todas las plataformas de streaming. Mira el videoclip…


Writing and recording music as a solo artist can be a lonely process – especially in lockdown – however it’s nice to have friends contribute music, creative ideas or general feedback as it’s always useful to have opinions of close friends.

So, with that in mind, I would like to publicly thank Fred, Denise and Andy for feedback and ideas on countless versions of new songs over the past 2/3 months. They’ve heard all the ‘lockdown songs’ and lived to tell the tale.

I’d also like to thank Herman for mastering the songs he’s done so far and for those he’s going to be doing in the coming weeks and months.

I’d like to thank Antonio and Carmen for their lyrical contributions on ‘Astronautas’, currently the only only Spanish song in the ’12 Songs’ project, though that may change.

And of course, I’d like to thank Louise just for being there and being supportive and Grace for always making me see that life can be really simple and that you don’t need much more than love (and some cheap chicken slices) to be happy. To be clear, Grace is our dog…

Whole New World

I’ve just finished work on my second music video. This one is for ‘Lisbon’, one of a batch of new songs I’ve written and recorded over the last couple of months of lockdown.

Being a ‘music person’, I never thought I’d get into the visual side of things but I’ve actually quite enjoyed it as it’s been quite a challenge technically and creatively. Am looking forward when we can all get outside again more and come up with interesting stuff from ‘the world outside’. Especially looking forward to spending time by the sea again.

Featured image is from the session for the ‘Lisbon’ video which you’ll be able to watch soon…

Video Ideas

Perhaps inevitably, I’ve always been more of an audio as opposed to video-oriented person and so, exploring making videos for my songs has been quite a challenge. Having said that, with the help of some very helpful friends, we’re putting together some ideas for videos for some of the songs. This morning I went out for my first walk in more than two months since lockdown started to get some photos and video footage. No idea if it will be of any use but we shall see. Either way, I’m learning something new and that’s good.