Video ‘Nothing But The Ghost Lights Left’

‘Nothing But The Ghost Lights Left’ is the 12th and final single from my ’12 Songs’ project where I’ve been releasing a new song and video at 12pm on 12th of every month for 12 months. The first single ‘Lisbon’ came out on 12 June 2020.

The song is based on a theatre manager in London who decided to leave one stage light on until the end of World War two to symbolise that they would always be there, even in hard times. The parallel with Covid struck me as I wrote the song in March 2020 when the first lockdown happened in Spain.

The single has again been mastered by the highly talented John Evans. ‘Nothing But The Ghost Lights Left’ is out today 12 May 2021 on all streaming platforms.


‘Nothing But The Ghost Lights Left’ (Nada Más Que Las Luces De Fantasmas Que Quedan) es el último y duodécimo sencillo de mi proyecto ’12 Canciones’ en cual lanzo una nueva canción y videoclip a las 12H del 12 de cada mes para 12 meses. El primer sencillo ‘Lisbon’ salió el 12 de junio 2020.

La canción está basada en un dueño de teatro que decidí dejar iluminada la luz del escenario hasta el fin de la Segunda Guerra Mundial para simbolizar que estarían siempre allí, aún en tiempos difíciles. Me pareciò que había un paralelismo con Covid porque escribí la canción en marzo de 2020 durante el primer confinamiento en España.

Además esta vez, el muy talentoso John Evans me ayudó con la producción y masterización. ‘Nothing But The Ghost Lights Left’ ha salido hoy el 12 de mayo en todas las plataformas de streaming.


‘Leaving Berlin’ Video

Berlin is one of my most favourite cities in the world and when I was last there in November, I visited the Bauhaus Museum there which was phenomenal. As you’ll see in the video, I was especially taken with some of the film, as well as the design you could see there.

It was quite easy to enjoy the sense of being immersed in these films and I hope you get that sense while watching this video for ‘Leaving Berlin’ which started from a David Bowie song ‘Where Are We Now?’ which references Berlin mixed in with my own experience of this wonderful city.