This Is How And Where We Collide

Got the idea for this song after seeing a couple arguing in a bar and witnessing a car crash later that night. Never knew if it was the same people but got the title from that situation.

This is the second single from my ’12 Songs’ project where I’m releasing a new song at 12pm on the 12th of every month for 12 months. The first single was called ‘Lisbon’.

One of the things I love about this ’12 Songs’ project is that every song is whole in itself. it isn’t part of a cohesive sound of an album and as a result, every song has a completely different style. This song is more indie/pop, whereas the first one ‘Lisbon’ was more chill out, ambient pop.

Written, recorded. and produced by Jason Newton at Viper Studios, Almeria, Spain.
Mastered by Herman Primus.

Release date 12 July 2020.

Esta canción se llama ‘This Is How And Where We Collide’ (Esto Es Como Y Dónde Cochamos). Pensé del titulo de esta canción después de ver a una pareja discutiendo en un bar y luego viendo un accidente de coche la misma noche. No sabía nunca si fueron las mismas personas.

Esto es el segundo single de mi proyecto ’12 Canciones’ cuando lanzo una canción a las 12H del 12 de cada mes para 12 meses. El primer single era ‘Lisbon’.

Lo que me encanta de este proyecto ’12 Canciones’ es que cada canción es independiente con una identidad especifica y no una parte de un sonido cohesivo de un álbum. Cada canción tiene su propio estilo. Esta canción es más indie pop, mientras la primera ‘Lisbon’ era más chillout y tranquila.

Escrito, grabado y producido por Jason Newton en Viper Studios, Almería, España. Masterizado por Herman Primus.

Fecha de lanzamiento – el 12 de julio 2020.

New video “Lisbon’

‘Lisbon’ is the first song I’m releasing as part of my 12 Songs’ project where I’ll be releasing a new song and accompanying video at 12pm (midday) on the 12th of each month for the next 12 months.

It isn’t in fact about the city of Lisbon, but was inspired by a TV show called ‘Somebody Feed Phil’. The presenter Phil Rosenthal was so enamoured with his visit to the city of Lisbon that his childlike enthusiasm struck me, so I thought that our own ‘Lisbon’ could be wherever you want it to be and you need to keep hold of it and not take it for granted.

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