Single #10 – Go On, I Dare You!

‘Go, On I Dare You’ is single number 10 from my ’12 Songs’ project where |’m releasing a new song and video at 12pm on 12th of every month for 12 months. I wrote the music in March 2020 and the lyric in March 2021. 

The song is about looking for the courage to take chances in life. This time, the highly talented John Evans helped with mastering and production. ‘Go On, I Dare You!’ is out 12 March 2021 on all streaming platforms. 

‘Go On, I Dare You!’ (Ve, Si Te Atreves) es sencillo numero 10 de mi proyecto ’12 Canciones’ en cual lanzo una nueva canción y videoclip a las 12H del 12 de cada mes para 12 meses. Escribí la música en marzo de 2020 y la letra en marzo 2021. 

La canción es sobre buscando valor para correr el riesgo en la vida. Además esta vez, el muy talentoso John Evans me ayudó con la producción y masterización. ‘Go On, I Dare You!’ sale el 12 de marzo en todas las plataformas de streaming.


12 Songs

We’ve entered Phase 3 and lockdown is now easing in Spain, although to be honest I still feel a bit nervous leaving the little village where I live. Having said that, however terrible the pandemic has been, lockdown has fortunately enabled me to write and record a lot of new material in my home studio and as a result, I’ve been thinking of changing the ‘traditional’ process of releasing 2 or 3 singles to then release an album. I want to do something different (for me at least) this time.

So I’ve decided to release a new song and accompanying video at 12pm (midday) on the 12th of every month for the next 12 months.

Although I’m used to writing and recording music, I’m still very new to filming and making music videos, however it will be a challenge and I think it could be fun. I’ve done 2 videos so far for ‘Leaving Berlin’ from my last album (watch it here) and ‘Lisbon’ for this ’12 Songs’ project and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Another reason for the ’12 Songs’ project is that some of the songs I’ve written have been quite different in style to what I’d normally write

The new project is still under the band name of Distance Of Hope which is unusual as for the last 20 years whenever I’ve put out a new set of songs, I’ve always changed the name of the project/band. Again, this time I wanted to do something different and keep the same name. Although some of the songs are a natural evolution of the Distance Of Hope sound, others are in a completely different style which has been hugely liberating and hugely enjoyable to write and record.

So there you go, I’ve made a commitment. Stranger things have happened.

The first of the 12 songs with accompanying video is ‘Lisbon’ and it will be released at 12pm this Friday 12 June.

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Image credit Bauhaus Scene (Lis Beyer or Ise Gropius in a tubular steel chair by Marcel Breuer), photo: Erich Consemüller, 1926

‘Leaving Berlin’ Video

Berlin is one of my most favourite cities in the world and when I was last there in November, I visited the Bauhaus Museum there which was phenomenal. As you’ll see in the video, I was especially taken with some of the film, as well as the design you could see there.

It was quite easy to enjoy the sense of being immersed in these films and I hope you get that sense while watching this video for ‘Leaving Berlin’ which started from a David Bowie song ‘Where Are We Now?’ which references Berlin mixed in with my own experience of this wonderful city.